About Mathdoku Game Cube

If you've conquered Sudoku and are in need of a new challenge, look no further than Mathdoku.

Mathdoku Game Cube is the ultimate puzzle game for the iPhone!  And if you thought that you would get off easy with just one Mathdoku puzzle, Mathdoku Game Cube challenges you to solve 6 Mathdoku puzzles arranged on the faces of a 3D cube.

Mathdoku puzzles are similar to Sudoku and KenKen®. In addition to the standard rules of Mathdoku, Mathdoku Game Cube introduces bonus squares.  Bonus squares share the same number as the square on the opposite puzzle.  If you ever get stuck on a puzzle, jump to the puzzle on the opposite side and fill in the bonus squares.

The standard edition of this game includes:

• Unlimited generation of Easy, Medium and Hard puzzles
• Save and play more than one game (someone always likes to "borrow" our iPhone!)
• What's a game without scoring?  Earn points by choosing the right number, even more points for bonus squares and lose points for incorrect choices, taking notes and guessing
• Unleash the touch and graphics capabilities of your iPhone: zoom in and out, pan, tilt and rotate the Mathdoku Game Cube

More features coming soon...

Have 6x more fun!

Version 1.0 - Released on June 6, 2009

The first edition of Mathdoku Game Cube submitted to Apple for release into the App Store.

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